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April - 2009             

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by Tonna Kutner

Web Site Statistics give you information on the visitors that come to your web site.  These are your potential customers - what could be more important!  Since many people "glaze over" at the mention of statistics, we'll call it "Visitor Trends." 

Visitor Trends tell you how many potential customers are coming to your site, how many are new and how many are returning.  This is very useful if you're running any kind of a campaign to get people to your web site; and it tells you how well your search engine optimization is working. 

You can find out how long visitors stay on your site - is it long enough to learn about your business or do they just bounce off.  If they just bounce away, you may need to display some very concise information about your business so they know they're in the right place.

You can get information on how your potential customers are finding your web site.  Maybe through Google, or a site where you have paid to be listed, or they just type in the web address of your site.  If the visitor comes through Google, what do they enter to find you?  If they are coming from a site you pay to list on, is it worth the fee you pay for the visitors you get?  Maybe there's a surprise way potential customers are finding you that you don't even know about.

You can learn what pages of your web site are the most popular.  You could have an article on your site that's getting tons of traffic and you won't know unless you learn about your Visitor Trends.

Visitor Trends offer you fascinating and key business information about how your web site is working for you and how it might be improved.

How do you get this cool information?  Sometimes your web hosting service includes statistics or analytics and you just have to find them. 

If you don't have this service on your hosting package, there are a number of free and paid services that can be incorporated into your web site so you can track this information.  Best to set it up now, so information on your visitors can begin to be collected.

Among others, Google Analytics and StatCounter offer this kind of service.  Basically they set you up with some code that goes into each page of your web site just before the </body> tag.  If you have better things to do with your time, let Computer Lynx help you.

Computer Lynx can set up your web site to collect Visitor Trends and also offers clear and easy to understand analysis of this information based on the things you most want to know about your potential customers. 

copyright Tonna Kutner, Computer Lynx - 2009

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