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by Tonna Kutner

Search engines use "robots" or programs to evaluate web sites and place them in the search engine rankings.  Of, course, we always want to cater to our human visitors, but to have your site list well with the search engines, the robots must also be considered.  Fortunately, it’s possible to please both.

Robots do not read graphics, they only read text.  You can have great graphics, logos or pictures, but without text you cannot hope to get into the good graces of the robots.  Humans can read words in graphics, but robots cannot.  If you can highlight words from a web site and paste them into word processing and edit them, they are “text.”  If not, be aware that the robots will pay no attention to those words. 

Here’s a good way to please both the robots and our valued human visitors.  Develop a 25 word text description of your business that contains your keywords (see last month’s article) and place it at the top of your home page.  I call this “stating the obvious.”  Many people overlook the obvious so it puts you ahead of your competition.  Human customers, especially new ones, are glad to know exactly and succinctly what you do.  It will keep qualified customers on your site and ready to do business.

Most robots are looking for 500-600 words of text per page.  Of course, your keywords must be emphasized in those 600 words and your best real estate is at the top of the page.  Most people know how to scroll and some actually read the whole page.  Think of adding more details, testimonials, and other information to the text on your home page.

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  • Domestic issues

Phone: 206-784-5305

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