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by Tonna Kutner

The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to allow new qualified customers to find your website and contact you to start doing business.  Those new customers will enter keywords into a search engine in hopes of finding your business.

  • What keywords will a new customer enter?

  • What are the keywords that best describe your business?

  • Which keywords will give you the best chance of being found by new customers?

These are really important questions.  They are the basis of SEO - this is what you’re optimizing for:  the keywords that best describe your business and will bring new customers to your site.  Optimization works best for just five to seven keywords or keyword phrases – so choose them carefully.

Here are some tips on selecting your keywords:

Ask your existing customers.  “What would you put into a search engine to find my business?”  This can be very enlightening.

Look through your existing brochures, business plan and mission statement.  Note the words that come up again and again.

Research on the web.  Look for your business as well as your competition.  What keywords bring up other businesses that are like yours?  Remember new customers will not automatically know your name or the name or your business. 

Consider location.  If your business is tied to a neighborhood, city or state, include that location in your keywords.  If a customer enters “massage therapy” as their keywords, they will get many results from all over the country.  Most will refine their search by adding a location to find a business near them.

Check your keywords with a keyword program like Word Tracker (  It will tell you how frequently your keyword phrase is actually used by real people on the web.  This will help you avoid optimizing for a keyword phrase that is used infrequently.

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Featured Web Site

Annemarie Juhlian: Seattle Wedding Officiant

  • Celebrant & Non-Denominational Minister

  • Personalized, joyful and memorable wedding ceremonies for couples of all faiths and traditions.

  • Serving the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound area.

Phone: 425.922.1325

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