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by Tonna Kutner

Now is the time to update the dates on your web site.  Nothing says I’m Old like copyright dates that are 2004 or even earlier.  This goes for any other dates or over-and-done-with events that are on your web site.  A little house cleaning is in order for the new year.

If you have only a few pages on your site, it is easy to update each page.  If your site is more than 10-12 pages, you want a system in place so all your copyright dates can be updated easily.  Trends now are to have a footer section on your web site that is the same for most pages or groups of pages.  This footer is set up as a component or programmed section that can be updated for all pages fairly easily. 

Whether entered manually or automated, the footer section of your web site is an opportunity to enhance the search engine optimization of your site by adding your keywords as text and links.  It also increases the functionality of your web site for your customers by adding alternate navigation and additional information. 

Here’s a list of items to consider for the bottom of each page that will enhance the search engine optimization of your web site:

  • Alternate text menu that gives another way to access the pages on your site.

  • Keywords or mission statement to describe your business.

  • Contact Information including locations if they are important for your business.

  • Copyright date - updated for the new year

  • Webmaster link

  • Links to other sites (this is a topic in itself to be addressed in another edition)

Adding this kind of functionality is a great way to update your site for 2005. 

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