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by Tonna Kutner

Update 2009:  The Alt Tag (ok, it's really the Alt Attribute) is not as important for SEO as it once was, however, it is still very useful to provide visitors and search engines with descriptions of your pictures and graphics.  Note that FireFox does not display Alt Attributes when you roll over the picture with your mouse.  However, they will display the Title Attribute.


Search Engine Robots do not read graphics or look at pictures.  They look at your site based on text only.  For this reason always be sure to have the important keywords for your site prominently displayed and more than once in text. 

Graphics or pictures are of importance too.  They can explain a lot to human visitors who are your important customers and clients. 

In the old days (a few years ago) Alt Tags were used to give a text interpretation for pictures – especially for those many users who had their graphics turned off so they could use the web at a faster pace.  Now, thanks to faster technology, most users travel the web at a faster speed and do not turn off pictures.  However, Alt Tags remain and some search engines index them and they can boost your ratings. 

The Alt Tag is also visible to human visitors.  Roll your mouse over a web graphic and if there is an Alt Tag, a box with words will pop up.  If nothing pops up, there is not an Alt Tag for that picture.  Sometimes the Alt Tag can be a distraction so…

Use Alt Tags wisely:

  • Use only 30 or 40 words in Alt Tags per page. 

  • Make sure your key words are featured prominently. 

  • Alt Tags should relate to their associated pictures.

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Featured Web Site

With A Little Help -

We provide caring, individualized, non-medical services for seniors and others with special needs, functioning like an extra son, daughter, or close family friend.

Our primary goals are to:

  • lessen isolation/promote independence

  • help maintain activity levels

  • assist as needed with chores and transportation

  • provide friendship, support and peace of mind to our clients and their families

We take great pride in the quality of our caregivers who are mature, loving adults, who are clearly drawn to and enjoy working with seniors. 

With A Little Help is a
Washington Licensed Home Care Agency. 


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