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What's the Best Search Engine?
by Tonna Kutner

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Q: I find the Search Engines a little confusing.  What is the BEST search engine to use to look up things on the web?

A:  There are literally hundreds of search engines on the web.  Web sites listed on one search engine may not be listed on another.  The look and feel of each search engine is also different.  Some list paid advertisers first, and you need to go the bottom to find the “real” web sites.  So, if you are confused, it is for good reasons.  

Here are some of the largest search engines.  I can’t say which is BEST because it depends on what you are looking up and your feelings on the look and feel of the search engine.  A good experiment would be to think up some key words and then try several of the search engines just for the experience.

Keep in mind that search engines are free services for those of us looking up information on the web.  To make money, they all use advertising in one form or another to pay for all their work.

Here’s a good site that lists all sorts of different search engines - http://cui.unige.ch/meta-index.html.  This site is in Geneva.  It lists search engines for other countries and for specific subjects.  Sometimes what you are looking for is important in choosing an engine. 

This site: www.AllSearchEngines.com lists lots of search engines by topic.  This site also lets you enter key words and search all of the engines at one time.  When experimenting with the other search engines, try this one too.  They also have lots of information about search engines themselves if you want to know more. 

My personal favorite is Copernic.  This is not really a search engine, but a program that compiles about 80 search engines and gives back results in a concise, easy to read format.  Basically, it saves me the trouble of searching through different search engines by combining them all together.  At www.Copernic.com you can download their program and then run it from your computer.  The free version has an ad at the top, but it’s still my favorite. 

Keep searching and you will find! 

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Printed in "Verve" - October  2001. Copyright Tonna Kutner

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