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How do I find an email and/or organize my email?
by Tonna Kutner

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Q: It’s so hard to find something in email.  I was looking through my deleted emails and it took me hour scrolling through to find what I wanted.  Is there an easier way?

A: There are lots of ways to find a particular email.  To some degree it depends on the program you use for email, but there are similarities that work with many systems.  The most common way to see email is in order by the date it was sent – but that’s not the only sort order available for your email.

For example, if you are looking for all the email from a particular person, highlight any email from that person and click on the heading bar just above that column.  It’s usually called Sender, Who, or From.  This will sort all the email into alphabetical order by the Sender, making it much easier to find what you are looking for. 

Any of the heading bars on top of the columns of an email listing can be used for sorting: Subject, Date, Priority, With/Without Attachment.  Yes, if you’re looking for an email with an attachment, simply click the heading bar above the attachment indicator.  All the email with attachments will be collected together.  It’s really fast and easy.  Usually, the sort can go in two directions, forward or backwards (ascending or descending).  Sometimes clicking again on the bar at the top of the column changes the direction of the sort, sometimes you right click on the heading bar and then follow the menu to change directions.

Once you start sorting your email, it’s very important to know the current order of your email.  If you sorted by Sender, the new messages will no longer be at the bottom or top and you could miss an email.  Look carefully at the bar headings on the columns.  You are given a sign about the current order in the form of a triangle pointing up or down on one of the heading bars.  To collect your new messages at the top or bottom, click on the Date heading bar.

It is surprising how many people use the Deleted or Trash folder as their email storage system.  Nothing wrong with it really, but it is easy to create your own folders to store information on a specific subject.  For example you could create a folder for a specific customer that you do a lot of business with, or create a “Hawaii” folder to store information on an upcoming trip.  Then you can store all the related messages in that folder.  The folders will be automatically alphabetized for you.  I suggest keeping the names fairly short.

To create a new folder In Outlook, click on File/New/Folder.  In Netscape, click File/New Folder.  In Eudora click Mailbox/New. Type in the name for your folder and then click OK.  To move email into folders, simply click and drag it into the desired folder.  To switch folders, click (or sometimes double-click) on the folder you want to see.

Try these sorting and storing tips.  You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can find a specific email.

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Printed in "Verve" -  June  2002.  Copyright Tonna Kutner

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