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How can I get my email when I'm out of town?
by Tonna Kutner

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Q: I’m going on vacation, but I really want to be able to get my email while I’m gone.  Is there anyway I can do that?

A: Yes, there are many ways you can keep up on your email while you’re out of town.  All of them involve having access to the internet.  If you’re visiting friends or family that have computers, you can use their internet connection.  Most libraries, and some hotels have internet access, or step into a cyber-café while you’re away and check your email there.  

If you’re using an internet service for your email - like Hotmail – you’re already set up and can access your mail from any internet connection. 

If you’re using a pop3 (point of presence) connection – i.e. you connect to your provider and then get your email - there are several options.  Some internet service providers (ISPs) automatically provide this service.  For example, AOL allows their subscribers to access their email via the internet by going to www.aol.com and then signing in with user name and password.  Contact your ISP to see if they offer a service like this.  Be sure to try it before you go on your trip to make sure you know your correct user name and password.

And if your ISP doesn’t offer this type of solution there are still great ways to stay in touch via email.   If you look up “pop3 email from anywhere” in a search engine, you will find several such services.  Here are a few that I tried and found them easy to access and use.

www.mail2web.com - This service is free.  Sign in with your email address and password and you can get your mail from anywhere.

www.webbox.com and www.pop3now.com - these services give you limited access to your email for free.  For a small fee ($5-10 per year) you can get your email from anywhere from up to 5 email accounts at one time.  

Most services keep all your email on your provider’s server unless you specifically delete them.  This means that you can receive the email again when you get home (unless you have deleted it).  They also have address books and other tools you can use.  By paying the fee, you tend to get faster service, fewer ads, more web space to store your email and attachments, and usually a nicer interface to manage everything.

I encourage you to check out and test these services before you leave.  Don’t forget to enter your favorite email addresses or take a hardcopy with you.   Have a great trip!

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Printed in "Verve" -  August  2001. Copyright Tonna Kutner

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