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Tips from Tonna for your PC
How do I Copy and Paste from one program to another?
by Tonna Kutner

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Q: How can I copy something from word processing and send it in an email?

A: I don’t blame you for not wanting to type it over again. After all, computers are supposed to help you with your work.  Well, copying and pasting are not hard - here’s how:

Start by having your email and word processing open at the same time.  In Windows 95/98/2000/xp, click on a desktop icon or use the Start button to open a second program. Notice that the second application appears on the task bar.  This bar is usually at the bottom of your screen.  It is adjacent to the “Start” button.  Notice how easy it is to switch between the programs.  Click the word processing box on the task bar and that program appears on your desktop.  Click the email box on the task bar and then you can see your email program.

Now for the copy-paste part:  In word processing, highlight the text that you want to copy using the mouse (click and drag).

Click on the Edit menu and then click on Copy.  This will copy all the highlighted text to the “clipboard” (an invisible but real place).  Then switch over to your email program by clicking on that box on the task bar.

Get ready to write your message.  Fill in the “To:” email address and the subject line.  Be sure the cursor (usually a blinking vertical line) is in the area where you usually type the message.

From the email program choose the Edit menu and then Paste.  The text will be copied into your email.

This process of copying and pasting works between many different kinds of programs, not just word processing and email.  For example, you can copy from the internet and paste into word processing.  This is a great way to save bits and pieces of  web sites if you are doing research.  Use it to copy from one word processing document to another or within a single document.  Copy and Paste are core computer skills that will make you feel like your computer is working for you.

Some programs do not have an Edit menu; so then how do you copy and paste?  Here’s a keyboard tip that almost always works - some like it better than using their mouse anyway.  Use Ctrl-C for Copy and Ctrl-V for Paste (note that the Ctrl key and the Alt key are like the Shift key, hold them down and then touch the second key).

Some people have a hard time imagining the clipboard:  Where is it? How big is it?  I think of it as a “magic tray.”  It doesn’t care how much you copy to it.  It can be many pages or a single letter.  The catch is that it will only hold one thing at a time.  When you select and copy your text, it will stay in the clipboard and can be pasted many times.  Information will stay on the clipboard until you erase it by copying in something new.

To create a new folder In Outlook, click on File/New/Folder.  In Netscape, click File/New Folder.  In Eudora click Mailbox/New. Type in the name for your folder and then click OK.  To move email into folders, simply click and drag it into the desired folder.  To switch folders, click (or sometimes double-click) on the folder you want to see.

If you have a computer question you would like answered in this space, send it to tonna@computer-lynx.com.

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Tonna Kutner, Computer LYNX, works with companies to list and develop their web sites.  Phone (206) 575-3979 or email tonna@computer-lynx.com. Visit Tonna’s website at www.computer-lynx.com.

Printed in "Verve"May  2002.  Copyright Tonna Kutner

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